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    Facebook Right Column (i.e., Sidebar) Ads are one of the best advertising techniques for building your base of Facebook followers (i.e., getting Likes).

    Why? Because Facebook sidebar ads cost about 75% less than promoted posts in people’s news feeds. When it comes to getting leads, we recommend Promoted Posts or Pay-Per-Click Ad, but when it comes to getting Likes, use the Right Column Ads below.

    When you have more Likes, you have more “social proof”. What’s social proof? When you have more Likes and more socializing occurring on your Page and on your stories, you look more credible and popular to anyone considering doing business with you. That’s social proof. And the more of it you have, the more leads you will get from your promoted posts.

    Want more Likes and more social proof?

    Watch the training video below and choose an image to get started fast!

    How To Use Facebook Right Column Ads for More Likes

    Ready to Choose an Ad Image Below For Your Right Column/Sidebar Ad?

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    Note:  All TrafficBooster Ad images are licensed photos or original creations.  Only paid, existing customers are authorized to use these photos for their own personal and business use.  Our images have tracking tag pixels embedded to ensure proper use.  Use of these photos by anyone other than our paying customers is considered theft.

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