PageBooster™ – The Facebook Blueprint for Real Estate Pros
PageBooster™ – The Facebook Blueprint for Real Estate Pros

The Proven Way Realtors Grow Their Facebook Page

Build A Powerful Asset For Your Real Estate Business, Step-By-Step!

Here you will find our proven formula to help Realtors grow a massive community of local connections to market to on Facebook.

This area provides a step-by-step blueprint including the right strategy, the right wall posting techniques, and the right Facebook Ads to explode your Page Likes (i.e., “Fans”) on Facebook.  If there is something you wish to learn more about that you can’t find below, email us at for help.

Welcome!  Getting Started with PageBooster™


  • Follow the step-by-step blueprint below for best results.
  • Need help? Email us:


Module 1: Facebook Page Set-up


Just Starting On Facebook? How To Setup A Business Page.

Video Reference#:  1A



Already Have A Page? Make It Better.

Video Reference#:  1B

  • Update your page name for more Likes.
  • Clean up your wall for more Likes.
  • Change your graphics to go with your new Page Name.
  • Need Custom Graphics Help? Order A Facebook Facelift Here.


Module 2: Put A Proven Strategy In Place To Grow A Huge Community


Know Your Objective: Building 1,000s Of Connections

Video Reference#:  2A

  • Building a brand requires recognition.
  • Getting recognized starts with connections.
  • Repeat touches on many connections can result in brand recognition.



Choosing The Right Page Name: Your #1 Most Critical Step?

Video Reference#:  2B

  • Your Page Name is critical to getting Likes.
  • Your Page Name IS what your page is about.
  • The Posts on Your Wall should represent your Page Name
  • Keep your content true to your Page Name; it is your Theme.
  • Your Page Name should be centered around “Homes”.



Prepare Your Wall For More Page Likes

Video Reference#:  2C

  • Make your wall look good.
  • Your posts should be consistent with the “Homes” theme of your Page.
  • Make sure the post is a photo that could be in your city.
  • Use our Secret List of Fan Pages for great photos to post.

Use our Secret List of Fan Pages to find great photo content to post on your wall/timeline.


Module 3: Advanced Wall Posting For Maximum Results


Only 2 Types Of Wall Posts Work, What Are They?

Video Reference#:  2D

  • Entertainment posts work.
  • Lead generation posts work.
  • Informational posts do NOT work. Learn EXACTLY why!



Advanced Posting – How To Use Data For Better Posting

Video Reference#:  2E

  • Use the data available to you for better posting.
  • Use posts that perform well on other pages.



How To Do A Month’s Postings in Just 30 Minutes!

Video Reference#:  2F

  • Wall posting should take very little of your time.
  • Learn how to use built-in Facebook features to save time.
  • GOAL: Do a whole month’s posting in just 30 minutes total!


Module 4: Turn On Your Traffic Engine To Grow Your Community Fast.


Initial Page Likes: Invite Friends, Not Realtors.

Video Reference#:  3A

  • Get some quick Likes from Friends.
  • Don’t connect with competing Realtors.
  • Try to get 20 – 50 Likes this way.
  • Move on to next video to grow faster!



Crank It Up Fast — Turn On Your Set-And-Forget Traffic Engine.

Video Reference#:  3B

  • Get Likes While You Sleep.
  • Get Local, Targeted Page Likes for Under $0.50 each
  • Set-and-forget; turn it on just when you want.
  • Need Your Page Likes Ad Graphics? Request yours — email us at and provide your city/area so we can build your custom images for best results with your Facebook Slideshow/Video ad as shown in the training video.



How To Manage Your Ads: Turn Your Ads On and Off When You Want.

Video Reference#:  3C

  • How to use the Facebook Ad Manager.
  • Turn Your Ads On and Off Whenever You Want.
  • You can re-use old ads for many months.


BONUS MODULE: The Top 3 Ways to Get Daily Leads on Facebook


How To Turn 1 Listing into Dozens of Buyer Leads

Video Reference#:  BONUS 1

  • Promote your listings out to 1,000s of local people.
  • Use the specific technique in the video to generate Buyer leads.
  • Put your listing right in the personal News Feeds of anyone!



Use ‘Send People to Your Website’ Ads for Leads On-Demand

Video Reference#:  BONUS 2

  • Send your ads to targeted prospects.
  • Pay ONLY when someone is motivated and clicks on your ad.
  • If no one clicks, you pay nothing.
Video Reference#:  BONUS 3

  • How to Get Massive Free Traffic
  • Targeting only local people in your area
  • Takes time, but it’s FREE.
Video Reference#:  BONUS 4

  • A 2nd Way to Get Massive Free Exposure
  • Post on other large Page in your area
  • Takes time, but it’s FREE.



Promoted/Boosted Post Linking to your Landing Page

Video Reference#:  BONUS 3

  • How to send any wall post from your Page to anyone.
  • Get MAXIMUM clickable area for better results.
  • Use this same method to advertise anything!



Top Ways to Target Just Your BEST CUSTOMERS

Video Reference#:  BONUS 4

  • How to target sellers, buyers, and niches better.
  • Reach more of the right people for less money.
  • Targeting can make a HUGE difference in your results.


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